5 tips for using Digital Signage in universities

5 tips for using Digital Signage in universities

The amount of information that circulates daily in any educational institution is immeasurable Chiefway Smart Glass. But unlike previous generations, today students and teachers have the possibility of accessing this data in a much more agile, entertaining and efficient way.

The amount of information that circulates daily in any educational institution and even more so in universities is immeasurable. But unlike previous generations, today’s students and teachers have the ability to access all this data in a much more agile, entertaining and efficient way.

In the most advanced countries, it is estimated that more than 70 percent of universities are currently using digital signage as a means of keeping their students informed.

The reasons are several: in principle, digital signage implies significant savings in time, paper and ink and garbage; In addition, they capture the attention with greater speed; help to easily memorize the data provided; they stimulate the active participation of the learner and place the institution at the level of the demands of modern society.

7 Successful Ways to Use Digital Signage in Higher Education

5 ways of using digital communication to achieve these results:

1- Programming and message extension:

The digital signages allow you to program and update data remotely Smart Glass technology, in real time, and following the parameters of each activity or sector. It is also essential to take into consideration the characteristics of the educational population before developing the contents. For example, if some of the students have English as a second language, the messages can include a space in which the translations appear.

2-Reinforcement of learning:

In conference classrooms, the old projector can be replaced by a digital signage system that allows multimedia operation. This allows teachers greater versatility in their presentations while the student captures information more quickly. In these cases, the content should be provided in such a way as to enhance the reading and retention capacity. In addition, these systems have a greater capacity at the moment of capturing the observer’s attention.

6 Missing Essential School Digital Signage Benefits

3- Improvements in the educational community:

With digital communication Chiefway Thailand, students can receive information from other faculties or areas and thus learn about the activities carried out by the institution.

4- Emergency announcements:

In a crisis or emergency, these devices allow to inform and guide students remotely and in real time so that they act according to safety regulations. For example, displays can flash brightly colored to draw attention to the emergency alert and provide instructions on where students should go and what to do to be safe.

5- Signaling:

Visitors and new students can quickly guide or adapt, and even navigate an interactive map. Static maps easily degrade and out of date, while digital communication is more durable and constantly updated. LED touch screens are ideal for this type of function and can be adapted to each sector without any inconvenience.

Digital communications are an effective way to drive sales and increase audience awareness, of course, provided they are used correctly! Following this advice as it can help businesses create dynamic digital signage that captures consumers’ attention.