Author: Jennifer Ward

Lose Weight

7 Tricks to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Let’s face it, losing weight is not so easy. The weight loss process is long and requires a lot of patience and persistence. Following a diet and exercising is very important to eliminate unwanted fat. However, if you are a person who is lazy, losing weight can be more difficult.

Many people look for different ways to achieve the body they’ve always dreamed of. Beauty standards still dictate to people what is right and wrong, and even what body we should have.

In an attempt to achieve the goal of losing weight, people go on extreme diets that are capable of changing their entire lifestyle and don’t always work. Some of them are so extreme and aggressive that they end up doing harm. Here are some ways to lose weight without dieting.

1 – Dilute fruit juice

In the process of weight loss , replacing fizzy drinks with fruit juice is a good decision. However, there is something that could be even better. Juices have more sugar to improve their flavor. So, a tip is to dilute half a glass of juice with half a glass of water. This will already decrease nearly 100 calories.

2 – Do small things when you’re on the phone

We can often do activities and lose calories without realizing it. For example, if you’ve been on a call for more than 10 minutes and you see it’s far from over, don’t lie in bed. Instead, do some little work. For example, tidying the table, the bed, the dining room, sweeping the floor. That alone will cause almost 100 calories to be burned.

3 – Read labels

Of course, to lose weight, you have to cut some things from your diet, or choose the best alternatives. So getting into the habit of reading package labels will allow you to evaluate foods for sugar, fat, and calorie levels.

4 – Take blood test

Knowing what goes on inside our body helps with our health. And one in 12 people suffer from thyroid disorders and don’t know it. These disorders can slow down the metabolism and this helps in weight gain and prevents them from being lost. Resolving this imbalance further helps with weight loss.

5 – Season with herbs

Eating meals flavored with herbs to taste will help you eat less. Of course, it’s important not to exaggerate or abuse this habit. Also because some spices can irritate the stomach if ingested in excess.

6 – Hide the TV control

A lot of people don’t even think about it, but just hiding the TV remote so you have to get up whenever you want to change channels helps you lose calories. All this movement will cause you to lose approximately 200 calories a day.

7 – Decrease shopping

When buying food, try to reduce the usual amount you are used to buying. That way you will eat a little less and day after day weight loss will happen.

Getting Bored

6 Advantages Of Getting Bored

For many people, there is nothing worse than staying at home with nothing to do. With nowhere to go, people to visit or just being alone somewhere. When this happens, some of these are left with a feeling of emptiness, something bothering them inside. In fact, this feeling can also arise from lack of interest in what we are doing or in the environment around us. Such a feeling is what we commonly call boredom .

Boredom can be terrifying. And people do everything they can to distract your mind. But what a lot of people may not know is that boredom isn’t as bad as it sounds. According to research, this feeling can empower people to be more productive, creative and even innovative.

Some types of boredom can be unpleasant and negative. While others can actually bring positive results. A group of German researchers conducted a study on boredom and identified five types. They are: indifferent, dispersed, researcher, reactive and apathetic. And each one brings something to people. Showing that boredom , as much as it may seem, is not always bad.

1 – More productive

As a study showed, a group of people, who did a boring task, performed better on another creative task. This in comparison to people who have done an interesting activity before.

2 – More creative

Psychologists have done a study of why joy and boredom promote associative thinking more than anxiety and relaxation. As a result, they found that people who experienced boredom ended up being more creative.

3 – More focused

Usually when we are bored we tend to daydream. And that’s not a bad thing. Researchers have found that this actually helps to focus on the future. And the person, in an unconscious way, plans and anticipates their goals.

4 – More aware

According to Andreas Elpidorou, philosophy professor, “boredom is a warning sign that we are not doing what we want to do and a ‘push’ that motivates us to change goals and projects”.

5 – Make it work

For boredom to work and bring benefits, it is important to look for activities that allow these good types of boredom to manifest. Psychology professor Sandi Mann suggests that you look for activities that require little or no concentration. For example, walking along a familiar path, swimming or sitting with your eyes closed.

6 – Not to be confused with relaxation

It’s important not to confuse boredom with relaxation. Activities that are purposefully relaxed, such as yoga or meditation, do not fulfill the requirement of trying and not finding stimulation.